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Heavy Duty Stitcher Gluer Model 200 B.D.Heavy Duty
Model 200 B.D.


56" Max
10" Min

86" Max
12" Min

49" Max
6" Min

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Selected Specifications

Box depth (thru machine):   10 minimum (including flaps) Unlimited maximum  
Type of Board: Single, double, triple wall  
Container types: RSC, HSC, Tubes & most die cuts.  
Glue options:  Hot melt, cold glue, or combination hot/cold  
Feed height: 60 standard, up to 70 optional
Discharge system  Four-belt conveyor  
Stitcher head lubrication:   Automatic
Glue options:   Hot melt, cold glue, or combination hot/cold  
Stitcher Specifications  
Number of stitches:  99 maximum  
Stitch cycle rate:  600 stitches per minute
Crown width: 7/16  
Leg lengths 3/8, 1/2 and 9/16  
Wire sizes  .023 x .103  

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